How do I Choose Oral Hygiene Products?

oral hygiene products assortmentIt can be tough to choose the right oral hygiene products. With so many on the market, it can be overwhelming. Here are some suggestions for choosing dental care products to prevent gum disease.

Automatic and “high-tech” electronic toothbrushes

These are safe for most everyone, but keep in mind that water spraying devices are not the same as brushing. Oral irrigators can rinse, but won’t remove plaque. You’ll still need to brush and floss in conjunction.

Toothbrushes with gum massagers

Some toothbrushes have a rubber tip on the handle, this is used to massage the gums after brushing. There are also tiny brushes (interproximal toothbrushes) that clean between your teeth. If these are used incorrectly, it can cause gums bleeding. Talk with our office before you use this type of brush.

Toothpastes and mouth rinses with fluoride

Used in conjunction with brushing and flossing, can reduce tooth decay by as much as 40%. However, these rinses are not recommended for children under six years of age. Keep in mind that tartar can build above the gum line as well as below, so these products have not been proven to reverse early stages of gum disease due to tartar underneath the gumline.

During your initial visit and every visit thereafter, we’ll ask about your oral hygiene products and make necessary recommendations for your personal care and comfort.