Implant Surgery

Implants are an ideal option to replace lost or missing teeth either due to periodontal disease, trauma for other reasons, for people with good general oral health. The implant itself actually replaces the root of your tooth and is surgically placed in your jawbone at select sites. It does not replace the portion of your tooth that you can see, but it does provide the structure Dr. Kilby requires in order to support a replacement tooth or bridge. In some cases, the gums or actual bone may require treatment (such as sinus or bone augmentation) in order to provide sound support for the implant(s). Dr. Kilby will review all of this with you in more detail if you are a candidate for implant treatment.

Implant treatment is completed in 3 – 4 stages.

  • placement of the implant

  • 4 – 6 month healing period while the implant integrates into the bone (called osseointegration)

  • placement of the abutment (small post/attachment Dr. Kilby will need in order to place the “tooth” on the implant)

  • the new tooth

Dental implants provide you with replacement teeth that look and feel just like your own teeth. They may last a lifetime if properly maintained with diligent oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings at our office.

Post-Operative Follow-Up

It is generally recommended that you go directly home following surgery and rest for the remainder of the day. Avoid any strenuous activity.