Four warning signs of gum disease

  • Bleeding Gums 

Your gums should not bleed when eating, brushing, or flossing your teeth. This can be caused by gingivitis, a buildup of bacteria along your gum line. Although gingivitis is the earliest sign of periodontitis, going to your dentist at the earliest stage can help save your teeth.

  • Receding Gums 

Receding gums can mean your gums are pulling away from your teeth because of built up bacteria. Pay close attention to your teeth when smiling to see if your teeth look longer. 

  • Tender/ Swollen Gums 

Tender or swollen gums are frustrating enough, but going to your dentist to check out why your gums are swollen is extremely important. Gums typically become swollen to rid an infection from the area, if this is not treated damage can be done to the gums, bone, and teeth.

  • Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity may be common, but gum disease can be a cause of it. Inflamed gums can cause the exposure of the root of your tooth making it difficult to do regular tasks with your teeth.