What makes Kilby Family and Cosmetic Dentistry different?

While there are a number of well-educated dentists in the Valdosta area, Dr. Kilby has the best interests and cares for his patients at heart. He takes great pride in his work and takes time and due diligence to make sure that his patients will not only get the outcome that they desire but deserve. Dr. Kilby graduated at the top of his graduating class from the Medical College of Georgia of Dental Medicine for dental school and has obtained numerous college degrees to help support his practice, business, medical decisions, and patients.

What makes Kilby Family and Cosmetic Dentistry different?Dr. Kilby educates his patients and makes sure that they do not have any questions or any doubts about any methods of treatment. He explains the process of a procedure and makes it convenient for his patients. If a patient walks into a procedure still feeling uncertain, he makes sure that the patient is comfortable with their decision and that it is in the best interest of their overall result and oral health.

If a patient is unhappy with their outcome, Dr. Kilby will do everything in his power to correct it and make it right. If a patient is embarrassed with the condition of their teeth and wishes to obtain a perfect smile, Dr. Kilby is not a judgmental person and will do his best to help patients obtain the smile that they have always dreamed of! 

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