Preparing for a tooth extraction

Patients need tooth extractions for various reasons. Infections in the mouth, risk of infections, damaged teeth, or a crowded mouth are the most common reasons for tooth extractions. Before getting your tooth extracted, it’s important to communicate with your dentist what your medical history is.

Swelling and pain are not uncommon, as they are a part of the healing process. Postoperatively, patients should prepare for bed rest for 24-48 hours, if needed. Dr. Kilby will likely prescribe medication to aid the patient’s pain. Preparing for a tooth extraction

Allowing your body to recover, ideally, means withholding from eating meals that require heavy chewing and avoiding any alcoholic or carbonated beverages. It is also ideal to avoid smoking, spitting or sucking through straws for 5-7 days to avoid a dry socket. If a dry socket occurs and is not treated, it can cause complications with the healing process. The only way to relieve a dry socket is an application of medication by the doctor or assistant only.

Giving your body plenty of hydration and eating soft foods will help give the mouth time to heal.  Any patient who is planning to have a permanent tooth removed needs to anticipate rest to assist in the best outcome.

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