Reasons to sleep with a night guard

Here are some of the Reasons to sleep with a night guard.

Do you wake up with headaches and jaw pain? The reason may be that you grind your teeth while sleeping. A night guard can help with this issue. Night guards are worn for different reasons, but the primary reason is to protect your teeth from wearing down. Other reasons to wear a night guard include preventing lockjaw and TMJ Therapy. Reasons to sleep with a Night Guard

Better Nights Rest: TMD can cause major discomfort while people sleep due to the teeth grinding and headaches that come about. A night guard relieves the contact of the upper and lower teeth, which overall helps to relax the muscles in your jaw and cheeks, giving you a better night rest and a comforting morning.

Prevent Snoring and Sleep Apnea: One way to treat sleep apnea is to use dental devices. These appliances are useful in correcting mild to moderate cases of obstructive sleep apnea. 

Prevent Headache and Facial Pain: A properly designed night guard will overall relax the muscles you use for chewing, allowing you to have a peaceful night’s rest. Nightguards can make a difference in the lives of TMD patients. Night guards can reduce headaches, facial pain, neck and jaw pain associated with TMD.