Dental Health Quiz

The ADA Estimates that, on average, people only brush for 45 seconds at a time. How long should you brush your teeth per session?

A) 1 Minute 

B) 2 Minutes 

C) 3 Minutes 

D) Until you feel like you’ve brushed enough.

How often should you change toothbrushes or brush heads?

A) Once a month 

B) Once every three to four months 

C) Once every six months 

D) Once a year

Gum Disease is associated with..

A) Pregnancy 

B) Heart Disease and Stroke 

C) Diabetes 

D) All of the Above

Persistent ‘dry mouth’ can be related to dental disease… 

A) True 

B) False

The enamel on your teeth is stronger than bone…

A) True 

B) False 

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