Options for filling in a gap tooth

A gap tooth is something that can severely affect someone’s confidence in their smile. Most people think they are stuck with their gap tooth because the procedures are too complicated for their liking. At Kilby Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, there are several options for filling in a gap tooth and giving people confidence in their smile

  • Veneers: A veneer is a thin shell that fits over the front of your teeth and can be designed just wider than your natural teeth to cover up a gap. A veneer can be a good option for a new, shiny smile.
  • Dental implants: A dental implant is a titanium tooth root that serves as a stable foundation for a crown, dentures, or bridge to go on. With proper care, your implants can last forever. Options for filling in a gap tooth
  • Dental bridges: Our dental bridges can fill in your gap and give you the smile you want. A bridge is made of a row of connected dental crowns, one that fills in the gap, and the others that go over your natural teeth for support.
  • Crowns: As the commonly used option at Kilby Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, crowns are the better option than veneers because a crown completely caps a tooth or dental implant.
  • Cosmetic filling restoration (composite): This is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture that is used to restore decayed teeth. Composites can also be used to improve a smile by changing tooth color or reshaping a tooth. They can be placed to correct smaller gaps.

For more information check out some of the articles from the American Dental Association.