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Why a Tooth Extraction is Necessary (Sometimes)

Permanent teeth are not meant to be extracted but, in some instances, a tooth extraction is necessary. We have listed some of those instances below: To eliminate overcrowding teeth This is commonly recommended to patients who have to undergo an orthodontic treatment and there is no room for the teeth to move and realign. Teeth […]

Is mouthwash really necessary?

There are mint, lemon and salt, ginger, and many more types of mouthwash flavors, but are they really necessary in your daily oral hygiene schedule? Many people enjoy using mouthwash because of the fresh taste it leaves in their mouths, but what exactly does it aid? Most mouthwash brands only aid people with fresh breath, […]

Four warning signs of gum disease

Are you worried that you might have gum disease? Here are four warning signs of gum disease. Bleeding Gums  Your gums should not bleed when eating, brushing, or flossing your teeth. This can be caused by gingivitis, a buildup of bacteria along your gum line. Although gingivitis is the earliest sign of periodontitis, going to […]

How is Osteoporosis and Periodontal Disease Related?

Studies claim that osteoporosis may lead to a decrease in the density of the bone in the jaw that provides a solid foundation for teeth, therefore contributing to tooth loss.

Premature Birth and Periodontal Disease

Mothers with periodontal disease have about a four-fold greater chance of having babies that are born too early and too small than do mothers without gum disease.

How can we Stop Periodontal Disease?

Proper oral examinations can reveal the early signs of gum disease – so it’s important to go for checkups on schedule.

Diabetes and Gum Pain

If you’re a diabetic, it’s important to know how gum disease directly affects your health. 

Periodontal Disease and Tobacco use

You are probably familiar with the links between tobacco use and lung disease, cancer and heart disease. But tobacco users also have a higher rate of gum disease. 

Can Periodontal Disease be prevented?

Did you know that adults past the age of 35 lose more teeth to gum diseases than from oral health issues? Gum pain and gum inflammation can be the first signs of serious gum problems that can result in tooth loss and decay.