Dentures, or false teeth, are prosthetics constructed to replace missing teeth. They are usually supported by surrounding soft and/or hard tissue of the oral cavity.

Conventional dentures are removable, though there are many designs. Some of these denture designs are different, and rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth, or dental implants.


This is the replacement of a few teeth with other teeth still present to hold the denture.

This prosthesis comes in and out of your mouth each day for cleaning purposes. Because it is removable, it is more mobile in your mouth that the other treatment options such as a fixed bridge or an implant.

Partial Denture

Although this is no longer our first choice in the replacement of teeth, partial dentures have been around for years and for many are a viable alternative to other treatment modalities.

To care for your dentures you should remove and brush them daily with a toothbrush and toothpaste over a sink full of water to prevent your denture from breaking if you accidentally drop them.

To protect your denture, avoid chewing ice or other hard objects.

Unless we tell you otherwise, remove your denture for sleeping or at least for 6 to 8 hours a day.

Store your denture in water mixed with alcohol free mouthwash or a soaking solution whenever it is out of your mouth, so it does not dry out.

It is also important to continue regular visits to our office to maintain proper fit, and to ensure that your oral tissues remain healthy.


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